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Is Moneybase a bank?

Moneybase is not a bank. We are a licensed Financial Institution authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to provide payment services and issue electronic money. We have passported all our services throughout the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area countries (EEA).    

As a Financial Institution we do not conduct certain services which a bank typically offers, such as taking customer deposits and granting loans out of those deposits. Our offering is focused on bringing you the best available technology to make money simple by solving your payments headaches.

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Moneybase payment services are brought to you by Moneybase Limited (MB) C87193, which is licensed by the MFSA to transact the business of a Financial Institution in terms of the Financial Institutions Act, Cap 376. Moneybase Investment Services are brought to you by Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services Ltd (CCIS) C13729 and is licensed by the MFSA to undertake investment services business under the Investment Services Act, Cap 370. Moneybase Invest offers direct market access and speed of execution and is intended for knowledgeable and experienced individuals taking their own investment decisions. The value of investments may go up as well as down and investors might not get back the original amount invested. MB and CCIS are both subsidiaries of the CC Finance Group plc with their registered address situated at Level 0, Ewropa Business Centre, Dun Karm Street, Birkirkara, BKR 9034, Malta.  

Tap on 'add funds' and follow app instructions.

Switch all or part of your salary, your pension or your stipend to Moneybase and get a €50 welcome bonus with the first income received on your Moneybase account.  

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All you need to do is access the app, tap on ‘Deposit’, and follow the instructions OR send your Moneybase IBAN to your employer. That easy! 

You can switch all or part of your salary to Moneybase. 

There are no fees for switching or receiving your salary with us. Your hard-earned money is entirely yours, down to the last cent. 

Once your salary’s switched to Moneybase, you can just sit back and relax or start spending away – we won’t tell.

Still a student? 

Get your stipend on Moneybase too!

You can receive your stipend on your phone easily. 

Just instruct your college to send your stipend to your Moneybase account.

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Terms and conditions apply  

  • The offer is only open to Maltese residents.
  • The minimum salary transfer is 850 unless it's a stipend.

How do I open a Moneybase account? 

Just download the Moneybase app on iOS or Android and sign up!


The Pricing Plan

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Everything in Essential +
 core reports
12 month data history
10 members / projects
 saved reports
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Everything in Essential +
 core reports
12 month data history
10 members / projects
 saved reports
Predictive analytics



Unlimited projects
core reports
60 day 
data history
members / projects
A/B Testing



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Is my money safe with Moneybase?  

Yes, it is safe because there are several regulatory restrictions intended to safeguard your account against the risks to which your money can be exposed. Since we are not a bank, we do not lend any of the money that you place in your payment account or your electronic money account. As a result, your money is always protected and Moneybase is not required to contribute towards the Depositor Compensation Scheme for the protection of your money, as would be the case with traditional banks. 

Because we never lend your money to others and any loans or overdrafts granted to you are issued out of our own capital, your money’s risk exposure is low. All customer funds are banked with reputable banks in the European Union in duly designated segregated client accounts, in accordance with our legal and regulatory obligations as a licensed Financial Institution. Your card transactions are also protected by the Mastercard or Visa rules. 

Can I use money held on my Moneybase in shops? 

Yes, of course you can. You just need to order a Moneybase Mastercard. A Moneybase card will allow you to make in-store and online payments using the latest 3DS2 technology, which is both convenient and secure. You can also use your Moneybase card to withdraw cash from ATMs. Our cards will also give you access to the Mastercard network globally.      

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  1. Access the Moneybase app to view your IBAN and inform your employer that you want your salary or part of your salary issued to your Moneybase IBAN. 
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  3. Receive your €50 reward which will be credited to your account.

How it works

Once your first salary is received on your Moneybase account, get in touch with us via live chat or simply give us a call on 25 688 688 and we will credit your account with €50!